Compose a thoughtful answer to the question. (I recommend you

  • Compose a thoughtful answer to the question. (I recommend you do this in a word processing program and then cut and paste your answer into the discussion forum).
  • Begin with a clear thesis statement that directly answers the question and establishes a plausible line of argument to support this claim. (1pt)
  • Next, develop TWO concrete examples drawn from TWO different assigned course materials. (1 pt)
  • Please cite each of your sources using a simple parenthetical citation form, including author’s last name, abbreviated title, and page. E.g.: (Kennedy, Freedom from Fear, 486).
  • Answers must be at least 200 words in length. Please use full sentences. (1pt for meeting formatting criteria)

Please answer the following Question: 

According to David Kennedy, the war in the Pacific “was to an unusual degree a race war,” (illustrations, p 652 + 13, caption 2). Assess Kennedy’s statement, including in your discussion the role of race in the war at home and abroad.  

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