Directions: Assess an older adult using the Geriatric Assessment Tool

Directions: Assess an older adult using the Geriatric Assessment Tool (link located in Files link). Complete all Tables (6 in total) and submit by deadline. Regarding Table 3: perform a head to toe physical assessment on the client, document positive findings and current medications (if any indicated for the body system). For example, vital signs: high blood pressure (Amlodipine 5 mg PO daily, eyes: glaucoma (Xalatan 0.005% one drop both eyes daily).

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As a medical professor, assessing older adults is an essential part of the medical curriculum. The Geriatric Assessment Tool is an important tool that helps medical students to learn how to evaluate the health of older adults.

To assess an older adult using the Geriatric Assessment Tool, students must complete all six Tables and submit them by the deadline. Regarding Table 3, a head-to-toe physical assessment is necessary, and any positive findings must be documented. Additionally, students must include any medications that the client currently uses for the body system, such as Amlodipine 5 mg PO daily for high blood pressure, or Xalatan 0.005% one drop both eyes daily for glaucoma. This information will help medical students understand how to manage older adults’ health and provide appropriate recommendations.

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