Discussion 7For this discussion post, I thought you all could

Discussion 7For this discussion post, I thought you all could do something a little different around two famous works of art from one this week’s chapters – Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Munch’s The Scream. Both are enduring and very popular artworks that have found their way into our popular culture. 

  1. Watch the three videos on Munch’s The Scream and Van Gogh’s Starry Night that are in this week’s module. 
    • There is one video for Van Gogh and two for Munch.  I’ll be able to see how much you’ve watched and some of your points for this discussion come from that. 
  2. By Sunday, in 150-200 words or more, describe how you connect to either original work by Munch or Van Gogh. 
    • Questions you can use to help guide you include: What did you think this work meant and was that the same or different after  learning about it from the videos and textbook reading? What stands out to you about the artist and what they were attempting to do with their art? What do you like about their approach to painting? What questions do you still about about the work?   (Links to an external site.)
  3. Next find a contemporary take on one of the two paintings. You’ll need to post first to see everyone else’s.
    • This can be a parody, a reimagining of the painting edited to include something else, a meme, new use (say an album cover) or recreation. Find it in a film or music video? No problem add away. It’s totally open! See the two examples below. Again, you just need to pick one 
  4. Then, in 100-150 words or more, explain what was done to change the work from the original to your reworking. 
    • Think about what new meaning does this create? Why do you think the original work, the Van Gogh or Munch, was picked for this parody?  
  5. No need to comment or include sources here as this prompt is more based on opinion.
  6. But….remember to embed your image!


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