DO IN 1213 HOURS Please write 58 pages double spaced paper on the following topic. Each paper should cite at

Please write 5-8 pages (double spaced) paper on the following topic. Each paper should cite at least 2 sources.
Examine the way in which COVID-19 has differentially impacted different groups and its impact on preexisting inequalities. You can look at inequality between countries, between the rich and the poor, between the young and the old, between men and women or between different racial/ethnic groups or immigrants and non-immigrants.
You can choose any comparison that interests you but please limit yourself to only one comparison to keep the paper manageable.
You may focus on any of the following impacts (or bring in a new perspective by expanding the areas of focus):
Economic impacts
Occupational impacts (e.g. men and women may be working in different occupations, affecting their vulnerability)
Family impacts
Health impacts (e.g. likelihood of contracting the disease, pre-existing conditions, access to health insurance)
Educational impacts (e.g. differences in types of school attended, access to online learning, parental supervision)

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