Do some research as soon as you can on student

Do some research as soon as you can on student monitoring. Please find an article, template, example, tools, or anything similar that can be used by teachers and students to monitor learning. Post the title of your article and include a link.

(Make sure that your article is not focusing on student behavior.)

Please share 4-5 key ideas about your resource specifically about its efficacy in student self-assessment. The focus the recourse needs to be on student monitoring of how their own learning is progressing forward. Also, keep in mind your ideas about your recourse needs to encompass the concepts of: “Where am I going”, “How am I doing?”, “Where to Next?”, “What are you learning?”, “Why are you learning this?”, and “How do you know when you’ve learned it?”

Then comment on the following questions as it relates to the recourse and concepts ideas:  

“Where am I going?”

“How am I doing?”

“Where to Next?”

“What are you learning?”

“Why are you learning this?”

“How do you know when you’ve learned it?”

Using the resource from Chapter 4 from Intentional and Targeted Teaching and Students as the Definitive Force of Formative Assessment:  Academic Self-Assessment and the Self-Regulation of Learning, page 18

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