Do you think there is such thing as a victimless crime If so what crimes and if not why dont

Do you think there is such thing as a victimless crime?
If so, what crime(s) and if not, why dont you think that there is a victimless crime(s)?
To date, some people believe that victims are re-victimized as they go through the criminal justice process.
Do you believe this?
Why or why not?
Discuss your opinion regarding the dark figure of crime.
How might we get more victims to report being victimized (besides the National Crime Victimization survey).
Provide TWO ideas as to how to increase reporting of victimization.
Be sure to use course readings and your outside research to support your thoughts.
All posts should be supported with references.
Initial posts should be at least 300 words and response posts should be no less than 150 word and ALL posts should have in-text citations and APA formatted references.
Please remember this is a discussion board, so you should post early and often.
requirement is one initial post and two response posts.

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