Documentaries on ImmigrationConservationBorders a The River and the Wall is one of many documentaries in the last ten years to

Documentaries on Immigration/Conservation/Borders a) The River and the Wall is one of many documentaries in the last ten years to address these topics. If you’re interested in documentary work, research other films that may relate to these topics or purposes. Which groups of people do they involve? Who are the audiences for these films? What change to they inspire or initiate if any? What is the point or purpose of having documentaries available on these topics? ***Note: these don’t have to be full length films. The video we watched by The Atlantic about the man who paddles across the Rio is considered a mini doc. There’s also the show on Netflix (or multiple).
The final assignment submitted should include a minimum of four sources. The source type is your choice—but writers should offer plenty of explanation for their source choice. The following questions should be answered about each source. The format is your choice— whatever works best for you!
Assignment Requirements: • Title and Author of Source • Web Link • Medium [news article, peer reviewed article, blog, video (personal or professional), review, government source, etc.] • What did you learn from reading/watching this source? [kind of like summary but in your words, can be informal—aim for at least 75 words] • Why do you think this source is important to the larger understanding of the topic? The answer to this may be influenced by: What is its credibility or point of view? What kind of evidence, meaning, information does it create or share? What is its purpose or agenda for its creation? [this section should aim for around 150 words]
• What relationship does this source have to others about this topic? Is it supportive of other POVs? Does it create a challenge? How does the person who created it relate to others with interest in this field? Think of a journalist writing about it for a national newspaper vs someone who spends their whole lives exploring this topic. [this section should aim for 50 words]

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