DUE DATE: 1152020 Course Criminal Justice Corrections Policy Required Pages: AT LEAST 5 pages doubled spaced not including the titlepage

DUE DATE: 11/5/2020
Course- Criminal Justice Corrections Policy
Required Pages: AT LEAST 5 pages, doubled spaced (not including the title-page, abstract, and reference pages)
Ensure you apply correct APA format, in-text citations, and include a Christian world view application with biblical in-text citations.
Sources need to be recent in nature (within the past 5 years).
You are to write an essay which critically examines corrections from a biblical perspective. This essay must internalize and express a biblical worldview of a correctional professional. Your paper must be at least 5 pages. Organize and format your paper according to current APA format.
Ø Review the rubric to meet all expectations for the paper.
Ø Appropriate headings are expected.
Ø I will require all website info for references used!!! –when a journal is used please include the DOI as the professor insists on having it. (website is not required for biblical citations, just the verse info)
A plagiarism report is REQUIRED.

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