FIRST using an Internet job search engine enter keywords to find a job for which you might apply after college.Management

FIRST, using an Internet job search engine, enter keywords to find a job for which you might apply after college.
(Management Position with AMAZON)
You will use the job posting you find to complete a resume and cover letter in the coming weeks).
Answer the following questions:
Provide the website title,
url, company, and job title
What qualifications are required?
What are the responsibilities of the position?
THEN, complete the following:
1. Conduct research about the company or organization to which you will be applying. The easiest way to do this is to visit the company website, but you might also find information about the company on other websites as well.
As you research, try to find the answers to the following key questions:
What is the history of the company?
Is the company public or private?
What type of corporate structure does the company have?
Does the company have multiple locations?
What are the companys cultural beliefs?
What is the companys mission statement?
What benefits does the company offer?
2. Write an informational memo addressed to me, your instructor.
1 full page
Must include the appropriate format (header and message).
Must use an appropriate style (Remember that memos are always personal).
Must include an
that identifies the
subject, purpose, and point of the correspondence.
Must include a
that includes:
Paragraph 1: Summarize
your research findings, using the questions above to guide you. You may also report on any other aspect of the company and/or advertised position that is relevant to your interests, needs, and industry.
If you choose to quote or paraphrase information, make sure to cite.
Copy and paste the original text, making sure to add quotation marks around it. Introduce the quote with a signal phrase that tells the reader who wrote the information, like this:
According to
website, the company welcomes job candidates who require a flexible schedule.
Paragraph 2:
Conclude with a substantial
of your findings. The following questions will help guide you in this evaluation:
After researching the company, do you have any concerns about the company or the job?
What in particular attracts you to the company?
Is there anything that you dislike about the company based on your research findings?
Overall, do you feel that the company and the job opening are a good fit for you? Why or why not?
Must include a
conclusion that thanks the readers, restates the main point, and looks to the future.

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