I need this homework in 2 hours This assignment has

I need this homework in 2 hours


This assignment has two parts. In the first part, you will use AutoCAD to draw a few shapes. In the second part, you will start analyzing a set of drawings and answer a few questions based on those drawings. 

Part 1 – Draw in AutoCAD

1. Create a new drawing and save it on your course folder in the z drive. Use the acad.dwt as we did for the in-class assignment. 

2. Draw the shapes shown below. Use the dynamic input and object snap as appropriate. Use the coordinates on the image as a starting point for each figure. (6 pts.)



3.   Save and submit the AutoCAD file and a snippet, or screenshot, of your drawing (dimensions are not required). Type Zoom in the command line and select “All” to display all visible objects before taking the screenshot. Your snippet, or screenshot, should capture all shapes and the origin of the axis. 

Part 2 – Interpreting Construction Engineering Drawings

The 110th Cascade Project – Replacement of the existing ditch and culvert system along four blocks in Seattle.

Visit the City of Seattle Public Utilities Neighborhood Projects webpage (http://www.seattle.gov/utilities/neighborhood-projects) and look for the 110th Cascade Projects under “Completed Projects

1. Briefly descried the project objective and its main features based on the project description and the project resources brochure available on the webpage. (2.5 pts)

Open the Plan Set available at (you might have to ‘copy and paste’ the link on your browser): 


2. How many sheets are in this sheet set? (1 pt.)

3. Examine the sheets’ title blocks

a. Where do the sheet titles appear? (Note: the sheet title is not the same as the project name) (1 pt.)

b. What is the title of Sheet 8? (1 pt.)

4. Go back to Sheet 1 and take a moment to examine the notes regarding “Detail and Section Referencing.” Then move to Sheet 4.

a. On what sheet can you find the detail of a QUICK COUPLING VALVE? (1 pt.)

b. What should a contractor provide to assist in locating a QUICK COUPLING VALVE? (1 pt.)

c. The QUICK COUPLING VALVE detail calls for a piece of #4 rebar. What could the purpose of this rebar be? (1 pt.)

d. What is the scale of the QUICK COUPLING VALVE detail? (1 pt.)

e. List all sheets that include QUICK COUPLING VALVES. (1 pt.)

5. Move to Sheet 12. Take a moment to examine the CUTTING PLANE LINES on the WIER WALL AREA detail (at the top of the page).

a. What is a weir wall? (Note: you can google the term) (1 pt.)

b. On what sheets can I find drawings that include WIER WALLS? (1 pt.)

c. Relative to the direction of water flow, would you be facing UPSTREAM or DOWNSTREAM if you were facing the WIER WALL in the view of SECTION B-B? (2 pts.)

6. Sheet 7 provides a plan and profile view

a. What information does each view provide to the construction engineer? (2.5 pt.)

b. List and describe five items or devices included in the project. (2.5 pts.)

7. Referring to question 1 and the plan set, what is the design intent of this project? (2.5 pts.)

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