In a paper of no less than 800 words (about

In a paper of no less than 800 words (about 3 full pages, double-spaced, 10 -12 point font), respond to one of the following prompts. My page limits are minimums not maximums so you can write more than 3 pages without any penalty. The topics below are pretty dense and it would not surprise me if many of you find you need 4 pages rather than 3 to complete your analysis.

Look at the Wife of Bath in her prologue and tale. She defines herself as a professional wife and seems to take pride in how well she is able to shake down her first three husbands. But by husband #5 she sounds very different on the topic of marriage. This topic asks you to consider how the Wife moves from a business model based on maximumprofits without regard for the happiness of her “workers” (husbands 1-3) to a different, more ethical business model based on shared resources along with mutual cooperation and respect. Keep in mind that husband #5 also needs to learn some lessons in respect for his partnerand that ignoring the Wife’s generosity to him maywell be a mistake with financial consequences.The book he constantly reads to her promotes a view of all women as evil and dangerous, and he uses this book as a way of controlling her. By doing so, he ignores the fact that she has given him all her land and money (not perhaps her best business decision). It is only after their fight over his book that he, too, changes. Once they negotiate an agreement that allows for mutual respect and autonomy (along with burning his book), all seems different. Is there an ethical lesson for Business majors in this?Be sure to use frequent quotations in your essay response to this prompt.

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