Instructions Reflect: Information Literacy Evaluation Title:


Reflect: Information Literacy

Evaluation Title: Information Literacy and Society

This assignment provides you with an opportunity to reflect on the sociocultural issues and implications involved with the concept of information literacy.

Throughout the course, you have applied the concept of information literacy to your academic work. For this unit, please expand your scope and in a 2-3 page reflective essay, share your thoughts on how you see information literacy being applied in our society.

Possible prompts include: are some groups more informationally literate than others? If so, why? Is this related to the concept of “information privilege”? If so, can you explain how? How does society benefit from a population that is informationally literate? How does a society suffer from a population that is not? Do you believe our society values information literacy? Why do you feel as you do? Should we care about whether a society possesses information literacy skills?

You may use the personal pronoun “I” in this essay. If you use secondary sources, be sure to provide a citation such as (Smith, 2002, p. 82) and the corresponding reference in APA style.

Your assignment submission should be a Word document that fully adheres to the instructions listed above.

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Information literacy is a vital skill for individuals in today’s society. As a medical professor, I understand the importance of information literacy in healthcare, and I encourage my students to develop this skill. In this essay, I will share my thoughts on how I see information literacy being applied in our society.

In our society, there are groups that are more informationally literate than others. This is related to the concept of “information privilege” where some people or groups have greater access to information than others, which can affect their ability to make informed decisions. For example, people from higher socioeconomic backgrounds may have access to better educational resources, which can enhance their information literacy skills.

Society benefits from a population that is informationally literate. When people have access to accurate and reliable information, they can make informed decisions that can positively impact their lives and those around them. Information literacy also plays a vital role in healthcare, where patients need accurate and reliable information to make informed decisions about their health.

On the other hand, a society that lacks information literacy skills can suffer from misinformation and false news, leading to uninformed decisions that can negatively impact their lives. This emphasizes the need to promote information literacy skills in society.

I believe that our society values information literacy to some extent, but there is still work to be done. As a society, we need to prioritize and invest in promoting information literacy skills at all levels of education. Additionally, individuals should take personal responsibility for developing their information literacy skills.

In conclusion, information literacy is a crucial skill that is necessary for individuals and society to make informed decisions. We need to prioritize and invest in developing information literacy skills in all individuals to ensure a more informed and knowledgeable society.

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