LAB REPORT ASSIGNMENT 50 pts Your lab report must be completed individually. You will need to submit your report to

Your lab report must be completed individually. You will need to submit your report to Canvas.
Read these instructions thoroughly so that you understand the assignment and submission requirements.
1.Refer to the previous section for the components expected in a scientific document and required in your report.
2.You must have a minimum of 5 appropriate sources* in addition to your lab manual (your manual does not count toward the 5 source minimum). At least two of these sources must be primary.
3.You may only cite your manual in the methods section.
4.Your introduction must contain a minimum of 3 sources.
5.Your results must contain a minimum of one figure made in Excel and one table made in Word.
6.You must address microbial biodiversity as it pertains to the variables you tested. A component of this is calculating the Shannon Index and evenness for your plates.
7.Your discussion must contain a minimum of 1 source.
8.Your lab report must be submitted to Canvas as an accepted file type.
•The title should be centered (a title page is not necessary).
•The author’s full name should follow the title on a separate line.
•Lab partners’ names should appear on the following line.
•Course, lab instructor name, date on the line below.
•The abstract should not have a heading.
•The entire document should be double-spaced, with the exception of the references.
•All text should
be 12pt Times New Roman.•All margins should be set to 1”.

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