Project Description: You are the recruiter for a company (this

Project Description:

You are the recruiter for a company (this could be a company you would like to work for in the

future.) You will research the company and positions within the company that are of interest to

you. Based on your research, create a report in Word that gives thorough information on the

information you find. For example, you could write a report that describes the company’s

history/background, structure/organization, departments, products/services, positions/job titles,

employees’ qualifications, job benefits, or job outlook/trend. Create an Excel workbook based

on data you believe the company would want to compile and perform calculations on.

Information must be relevant to the type of business/industry you choose. Create a PowerPoint

presentation summarizing your Word report and information in your Excel workbook. You will

also be integrating information between these files. 

Part 1 – Microsoft WORD

1. After doing your research on the company, create a Word report that thoroughly and

clearly explains the information you find – for example an overview of your company,

background information, employment trends. (You can use the Internet and various job

sites to help in your research.)

Your report should be at least two pages but no more than four pages (before you add

other objects to it).

2. You should format the report (using APA guidelines or format)

a. Type your report. Include placeholders for objects that you will insert/integrate from

Excel. Your report should include at least two Excel objects (ex: chart or


b. Ensure that your paper includes at least two citations to credit sources you quoted

in the report (using APA format for the citations).

c. Your report should have a formatted title.

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d. Your name should appear to the left in the footer. The date should appear in the

right of the footer.

3. Save you report using an appropriate filename.

Part 2 – Microsoft EXCEL

1. Think of the types of calculations that your company will need to do. Think about what

data will be needed to perform those calculations. Create an Excel workbook with

information that is relative to your Word report. For example, you can create a workbook

showing items ordered, or weekly sales, or weekly services. Make sure to include a

worksheet heading along with appropriate column and row headings.

2. Add the following as a minimum to your workbook:

o The worksheet title should be formatted and merged and centered across the

columns in your worksheet.

o Format all column headings/titles to be Bold and Centered.

o There should be calculations using relative references.

o There should be calculations using absolute references.

o There should be calculations using 5 of these functions: SUM, AVERAGE, MIN,


o Format all monetary values to show appropriately.

o Create at least 2 charts to depict information on your worksheet. Include

appropriate chart titles.

o Attention to detail and design will be considered in scoring.

3. Include your name in the left section of the header and the filename and date in the left

and right sections respectively of the footer. Set the worksheet to vertical and horizontal

centering, and landscape orientation for printing.

4. Save your workbook using an appropriate name of your choice.


Create a PowerPoint Presentation highlighting the information included in your Word document

and Excel workbook (minimum of 8 slides):

1. The presentation should have a title slide with the name of your company’s, your name,

name of course, professor’s name, and the current date.

2. Create slides summarizing the information in your Word Report. The presentation slides

should be very concise highlighting points in your report.

3. Make sure to have a conclusion slide.

4. Integrate at least 1 Excel object into one of your slides.

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5. Your slides should include text boxes and pictures.

6. There should be between 8 – 10 slides.

7. The entire presentation should have a slide design/theme, transitions, animations, and


8. Save the file using an appropriate file name.

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