Question Three [30 marks] Radisson Blue Hotels stores information about


Question Three [30 marks]

Radisson Blue Hotels stores information about their hotels in different countries. Every hotel is identified by hotel id, hotel name, hotel address, city and URL. Every country is identified by country code, country name and country currency. Guests staying in the hotel is identified by guest number, guest name, guest address and guest city. Every room in the hotel is identified by room number, and room floor. Every room booking is identified by booking id, starting date, and ending date. There are different types of rooms in the hotel. Each room type is identified by room type code, room standard rate, and description. In each country, there may be no hotels or more than one hotel. A hotel may have one or more rooms. A guest can book one or more rooms and a room may be booked by one or more guests. A hotel may have one or more bookings and each booking is associated with exactly one hotel. Each room type may have one or more rooms and a room belongs to one room type. 

1) Write the schema of the appropriate relations for the above scenario. Identify the primary key and the foreign key in each of the relations. [4 marks]

How did you identify the primary key and foreign key? Explain.  [2 Marks]   

2) Use the designed relations to write SQL statements for the following questions:  –  Explain the working of each query in detail.

a. Display all the rooms having the same rate in the ascending order of room rate.  [5 marks]

b. List the number of hotels in each country. Only include countries with more than 4 hotels.  [4 marks]

c. Display the details of hotels that is not yet included in any booking. [4 marks]

d. Display all the details of guests who booked hotels on ‘2021-05-01’. [4 marks]

e. Display the room number, room standard rate and the hotel id. [4 marks]

f. Display the details of countries with country name starting with letters other than any letter within ‘A’ and ‘P’. [3 marks]

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