Scenario During the COVID-19 pandemic many companies either began using,


During the COVID-19 pandemic many companies either began using, or expanded their use of, communications tools such as Zoom to communicate with a distributed workforce. Some organizations found that more collaborative tools were needed to coordinate complex business operations. Common examples of these tools include Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Slack, Trello, Discord, Flock, Mattermost, and more.

Such tools have been around for some time. An early proprietary suite that introduced the concept to many was Lotus Notes, which was first released in 1989. (Later acquired by IBM, it is still sold today as HCL Notes.) In a later era, Microsoft Sharepoint introduced collaborative software to many more users. These programs came with high installation costs and license fees, but today many alternatives are far less expensive.

Assignment Deliverables

For your main post, select two examples of collaborative software and describe them in your own words, explaining the pros and cons of each. Offer conditional recommendations, explaining why one might be better suited for certain types of organizations, but not others. Be sure to include at least one supporting reference.

When composing replies to fellow students, consider comparing one of your selections to those made by your classmate. If you reply to a classmate who considered the same software, compare your assessments and discuss how they are similar or how they differ.

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