SOCW 6530 Agency Presentations powerpoint In Week 9, you will


SOCW 6530 Agency Presentations powerpoint

In Week 9, you will upload your Case Presentation. Prior to uploading the assignment, you’ll be scheduled to present your PowerPoint presentation to the class during the synchronous weekly meeting. Presentations usually occur between Weeks 4-9. It’s important to begin the assignment now, so that you are prepared to present it when scheduled.

As a future social worker, preparing a case presentation allows you to present social work practice skills demonstrated in addressing client needs to your colleagues.

For this Assignment, you will submit a case presentation of a client you encountered during your field education experience. Review your field education experience notes and your previous process recordings.

The Assignment (5–7 slides):

Create a Case Presentation that includes the following: My field education is at Sound Options in Tacoma Washington this website can answer some of these questions and you can make up a client, their issues and the rest of the questions.

An explanation of your agency and the services offered

A description of your client, including demographics, presenting problem, goal, legal/ethical considerations, assessment, and proposed treatment/social services delivery plan (include termination plans if applicable)

An explanation of whether interacting with your client demonstrated social work practice skills

Identification of potential social work skills not demonstrated in your agency or field placement, including a proposed professional development plan

An explanation of how preparing and engaging in a formal case presentation represents a component of professional social work

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