SQL is the programming language commonly used when working with

SQL is the programming language commonly used when working with Relational Databases.   

•For this week’s assignment we’ll use an online lesson and exercise from Khan Academy to introduce SQL coding. Starting with the following link, work through the series of short online modules.  The modules are based on the “Design a Store Database” Project in where you learn to how to create, populate and query a database.   

•For this part of the HW, your database will be an implementation of all or part of what you designed last week for HW2 – your database of student information and job opportunities.  Bring your design to life with SQL. . .  And you will have designed, and built a working database! 

•The HW submission will be an uploaded screen capture/slide showing your code, the database schema, and the query results. . . i.e. the proof that your database is working! 


(Note – This assignment is designed to be hands-on work with a relational database tables.  If you need to familiarize yourself with relational database tables, please refer to the examples and readings from week 2 )   

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