This literary criticism explores a common theme or motif in

This literary criticism  explores a common theme or motif in at least two works of literature. This  explores its topic in greater depth than the previous short writings, and must use supporting sources. Choose at least two works of literature that we have studied in this course. Choose a common theme, topic, or motif in these two works. Should explore the following: 

(1) Similarities and differences between how these works treat your theme, topic, or motif. 

(2) The significance of your theme, topic, or motif. 

(3) The main point you want to make about the theme, topic, or motif—in other words, an argumentative thesis statement. 

(4) Details from the literary works that support your thesis statement. 

It should follow the basic introduction, body, conclusion structure learned in College Composition. Since this is a literary criticism , your analysis and argument should be rooted in a close reading of your literary sources. For this, you’ll also need to use supporting sources. In many cases, you’ll find that scholarly research has been done on your specific literary works. In other cases, you may look for research related to the genre, theme, or historical context of these works. You must have at least 5 sources. (This is a minimum number. There is no maximum number.) Your sources must include at least 2 works of literature that we have studied during this course. Your sources must also include at least 2 academic journal articles or academic nonfiction books. Should be at least 1200 words long.

Stories are ‘The Way to Rainy Mountain.’ and “Middle Passage by Robert Hayden.”

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