U.S. Health Care History and Foundations DUE DATE JUNE 12th

U.S. Health Care History and Foundations 


It is essential to be able to identify, examine, and understand the history and foundations of health care in the United States, as this will be the foundation for understanding health care systems through this course and in practice. 

For this assignment, you will need to display a thorough understanding of the framework for and dates of events regarding health care in the United States, while clearly demonstrating the impact and importance that these events have had in the medical field. 

You will create a chart that includes a minimum of 10 significant dates in the history of health care. In your timeline, make sure to include the following: 

  1. Important events or eras in health care and their impact. 
  2. Major figures and their contributions to health care. 
  3. The formation of the various health-related organizations. 
  4. Major medical advancements or discoveries. 

In addition to the chart, write a 500-word paper that identifies the determinants of health and their relationship to defining population health needs. Looking forward, predict how current health care reform policies, coupled with population health needs, will impact the future of health care. 

A minimum of two references, in addition to your textbook, are required for this assignment. 


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