write a midterm report. The midterm report shall be comprised


write a midterm report. The midterm report shall be comprised of two typed one page summaries. Students shall summarize each seminar attended with a typed single spaced one page report. Students should also provide a reflection of the event to include their thoughts on how attendance at this event does/does not contribute to the learning in the classroom. (lists will not be accepted). 

1st seminar Recover, Repurpose,Reuse: Sustainable Soil Washing with Posillico Materials Presenters: Robert Tassey, MBA, Wash Plant Manager Lauren Asfour, Jr. Project Manager Robert Keane, P.E., Sr. Environmental Engineering Manager, Posillico Materials 

2nd seminar “Energy Efficiency at the Beach” – Jones Beach Energy & Nature Center Presenter: Christopher Schwartz, P.E., LEED AP, Vice President/Senior Engineer, FPM Group

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